Tuesday, October 6, 2009

These Boots...

Well, I'm still here...just trying to get back into my own groove. My husband has gone back to work completely, so I'm at it alone with all five of my kiddos! It's fun to watch them all interact...and they so love their new baby brother! Gotta admit, he's one sweet baby!
It's another rainy week here which always makes for longer days when I can't let the kiddos outside to play. So I thought this card was only appropriate. I just love this set from My Favorite Things - and the sayings that come with it are perfect!!! Love it! I can't find my details on this card so I apologize for omitting those!
And can you believe it - I've gotten the scrapbooking bug so I've ordered some pictures from CM and should get them any day so I can start. I'm excited!!! I'm also wanting to do some mini books. Anyone know of any good idea books for those mini/altered books? My friend and I have a ton to do!!!!
Thanks for looking!