Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Notre Dame Donation

My husband is in the Notre Dame Dallas Club (he went there for law school), and they are putting together some Mother's Day baskets for a women's shelter. Once again, they needed card donations so I put my spending to good use and made some cards to donate. I have to put them in the mail tomorrow, so I thought I'd better post them today!

I was one step closer to a broken bone in one of my children. We were loading up in the car, and Jacob was goofing in his car seat, and fell out of the car, onto the concrete. He has a major goose egg, and his arm looked scraped and hurt for awhile. luckily, he only hurt his pride.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Baby!

I threw a baby shower on Sunday for a friend who was expecting her sixth. I'm not sure the etiquette on all this, but my thoughts are that each child is special and needs to be celebrated! The shower was actually a "pamper mom" shower - the gifts that guests brought were to be given to a charity that gives expectant moms who decide against having an abortion a basket of pampering supplies just for her. It's a beautiful ministry. One of the most time consuming parts for the woman organizing it is writing out the cards that go in the baskets. SO...I made about 20 "expectant" mom cards, and had each guest write the cards out. What a great way to celebrate a new baby of a great friend - and still support all those expectant moms out there that may not be as fortunate as us.

Oh - and the baby came this morning around 6am - a little girl 9 pounds 11 ounces! Congrats to their entire family!

Monday, April 28, 2008

A Crazy Week Ahead...

It seems like this week is going to be crazy so hopefully I'll make it through with some sanity! I've been cardmaking like mad, so I'll hopefully be able to update you each day with something fun and new!

Hostess Club was tonight and it was finally my night to be "hostess" - which means I'll get free product which is always a good thing! I think I need to go on sabatical from any hobby spending for awhile! Not sure what I'm getting as I had to leave early to relieve the in-laws from watching the kids. Anyways, I figured I'd post what we made. Please note that these are totally my demonstrator's creations - so all "creative copyright" goes out to her.

The first card is a "slider" card. Never done one but LOVE IT! I do love this stamp set and of course, the paper is wonderful! We also used the water pen to color the rocket. I've never used that either, but it was great! I may have to get one of those!

And the second one is using the scallop notes, with some dry embossing. It's real pretty IRL - real delicate. I think these would be pretty to make for a small get together invitation (although the detail makes me think only those who appreciate this art should get one!).

Thanks for looking and I'll post tomorrow!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Not enough hours in the day!

Do you ever feel like that? There's so much that I want to get to but it seems like before I know it the day is done! This morning was the last day of bootcamp - for this session. I was a little disappointed in my results but I have to take into account that I was gone for a week and did little exercise and did not eat well! The next camp starts in two weeks - I can't wait! I have a ton of new stuff to sew, and of course, plenty of scrapbooking and stamps to play with.

Here's a card I made for a friend in need of a bridal shower card. It's been in my head for awhile, and I just love the elegance of it! She loved it and hopefully the recipient will too.

Tonight I have to make about 20 "pregnancy" cards for a baby shower I'm hosting this weekend - it's a charity shower (donations to a pro-life ministry that puts together pampering baskets for expectant moms), and I'll have each guest write out one or two cards. We'll have a foot spa party - maybe we can call it Sangria and Sandals! I am making Sangria punch!

I'll post the cards I come up with for this - I am going to use the same "She's All That" set!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm back!!!

What a whirlwind trip to Minnesota - but I'm glad to have gone home for my grandma's funeral. I was able to speak at the funeral, which was a nice way of saying "goodbye." Of course, I also made a visit to the quilt store there - and got lots of neat stuff!

I finished making an order for a friend who sells various baby/kid items. Check out her site - Anyways, these first pictures are of the onesies I altered for her - they are adorable! I just finished 34 of them and they are cute!!!

And I also had an order for an adult apron that I finished last night. This material is some I got back in MN, and it's almost too pretty for an apron. The customer wanted wine and cream to match her kitchen. Not sure if this will work, but it is so beautiful IRL. I hope she likes it!

Tonight it's back to making some cards. I have thank yous to make, as well as a batch of Mother's Day cards, and expecting moms cards.

Friday, April 11, 2008

In Memory of my grandmother...

Today is a sad day - my grandmother passed away earlier this evening. She is the one who taught me to sew, and when I went home to Minnesota (twice a year), we'd always hang out and sew together. Most recently we started surprising each other with "kits" sent in the mail. In fact, I had sent her a kit for some quilted gift bags that we were going to make together this summer. Anyways, in memory of her, I'll post a couple of bags that I made.

The batik bag I made with my mom, and the handbag is a fun little tote that you can do anything with - kids, adults, anyone and anything. I've posted the table runner below before, but I figured I'd post it again - this was a "surprise" that ended in my bag the last time my grandma and I went to the quilt store. I will always think of her when I sew.

We're heading to Minnesota on Sunday so I'll be out of the loop for a week. Thanks for looking and check back soon!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Once again, I feel like there is a hidden camera around me somewhere - I won't get into the details but I'm realizing that maybe four kids is just meant to be like this. It's fun!

I'm undecided about how I like the headless wonders from My Favorite Things. At first I didn't like them a whole lot, but when I've seen examples, I've loved them! I borrowed this set from my friend Gretchen and also cased her layout. I used the afternoon tea paper - LOVE LOVE LOVE it and the 5x5 sized card. (Check out Gretchen's blog - and tell her I sent you!) I have a few of these sets now in my shopping cart - if only money grew on trees!

I'm working on some fun onesies for a friend's online store. They are adorable and I will post those later this week!

Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm still here - lots to share!

So yes, I'm still here. It's been a hectic week! I've got lots to share, and I don't know where to start! First is a card I made for a dear friend of mine. Love the bright colors, and of course, this cow set from TAC is adorable. I've said it before but I am in love with these stamps - they're inexpensive and oh so cute!

Second is an idea I took from PaperCrafts for a shower I threw for a friend who adopted a little girl from China. The "baby" is 2, so I had each guest send a picture of themselves when they were two, as well as a current picture. I ended up getting about half of the attending guests, which made for adorable centerpieces. I used my Cricut and SU punch. I'm really finding many uses for my Cricut!!!

And I guess I'll hold off and show more later! Lots of cute cute stuff to show off! Have a happy Monday!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Finally finished projects

I vowed I wouldn't start any more sewing projects until I finished what I had started. I like having projects at different stages, but I also like to feel like I've accomplished something! So here are my last two projects - both with the same line of material. I love this material. I made the table runner (thanks, Grandma, for treating me to this at Christmas!). And I used the scraps to make this centerpiece topper. I love this pattern too - it's on my to do list to make seasonal toppers (I've made Valentine already).

I hope to play with my new Riley Moose stamps tonight!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Day

Sometimes I feel like every day is April Fool's Day. Don't we all? What a busy weekend but Hannah had a wonderful birthday party - all the kids really enjoyed themselves. I need to work on making about 25 thank you notes for her to sign. I need a simple design!

I finally finished with the bindings on three wall hangings - and hope to get a few more done tonight. I know I promised to show these a week ago but it seemed to take forever for me to get the binding on. So - here they are! The first uses the reproduction prints/feedsack material. It was paper pieced on a fabric panel. I love it - I hate to give it up but I don't know where in my house I could hang it!

The second is gorgeous IRL - I have three of these so if you want one, let me know! By the way, I've been asked many times lately why I don't create a website with an "online store." Which if time were no issue, it'd be great. Please remember that anything I post is for sale, and just contact me if you're interested in purchasing or having me custom make something for you. That includes all cards, scrapbooks, and sewing projects!

I started boot camp yesterday morning - oh how I missed the 5:30am workouts. My friend got me a gift certificate for my birthday so I paid for the rest and can't wait until each workout. My husband doesn't understand why I can't just work out at home - but after yesterday morning - I realized why I love it so much! It may be my only time away from the kids and house, alone, that day - it gets my workout in and out of the way. It's a good all over workout, that pushes me to do things I normally don't, and I just enjoy it. I'm trying to make myself feel better about me - and this is something I need. Call me selfish, but I enjoy it! Hopefully it will get me over my plateau as well!

Have a great day!