Thursday, May 29, 2008

Money Tree?

Do you ever wish money did grow on trees? I'm trying to get my life organized and get an "action plan" in place. My biggest problem is that I am hoping for that million dollar check to arrive in the mail. I filled out a survey for ProvoCraft and stressed how much scalloped shapes would be a great cartridge for the Cricut. The nestabilities are on my "want" list. I need new running shoes, my summer "skorts" are three sizes too big, and I have a ton of pictures to have printed - which then brings the expense for that and the scrapbooking I need to do. I'm also going to start doing some research on at home quilting machines. I've organized my sewing projects - I have a ton...and some day I'd like to have one at home. I enjoy hand quilting but not everything can get done if I do that! Plus, I could start a business in the more distant future - ahhhh dreams...I'm thrilled to see that I"m getting visitors from all over the world, if you have any advice on these quilting machines, please let me know! I want to do my research and start a fund! HA!

Anyways, I thought I'd share our projects from Stamp Club. The first is a card that was fun - although a lengthy process. We colored a background stamp to make our own designer paper - I like the layout too. Simple but pretty! And the second is a gift card holder. It's a 3x3 size and how many times can we use something like this?

I'm going to try the color challenge from Verve Visual later ( - don't you just LOVE this color combo?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In Need of a Cross

I never thought I'd need one of the cross sets, but it seems that in the past couple months I've needed that the most. I wasn't having any luck finding a good set, but my friend Gretchen reminded me of Papertrey's set - Everyday Blessings ( I have got to get that ordered - LOVE IT! In the meantime, I needed to make a baptism card for a dear friend's new baby...I ended up keeping it simple but it's beautiful...I used a sticker from somewhere, some basic grey paper, and of course the pin dot cuttlebug folder! Next time I'll be sure to have the set but this is pretty all the same!

It was a hot day again in looks like summer is here to stay! YEAH!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday and yes, I'm still here

I feel like it's been forever since I've posted. It seems like each day gets crazier and crazier. I'm just on that bubble between wanting to explode, and having a meltdown. AGH! I feel like a bad mom always yelling at the kids but I SWEAR they do not hear me. I can tell them nicely to do something and it's as if I really don't exist. I remember a commercial where it was showing the mom going around fixing all the wrongs in the house (the kids too close to the tv, laundry, dishes, etc.) - but there was no actual image of the mom. That's what it really feels like! I'm just so tired of it all - and then I got a letter from our health insurance saying the surgery that I need isn't covered - which just dashed my hopes of getting rid of my chronic pain and swelling in my legs. I know, POOR ME! But I just need to vent!

I have been creating - my husband has commissioned me to make a Notre Dame themed baby quilt and scrapbook. I started the quilt - loved the materials I found. And I'll need to order the scrapbook supplies soon!

Anyways, onto the real reason I'm posting - as you know I'm LOVE LOVE LOVING my Copics, and have enjoyed learning how to color them. This is a Riley card which I love this image. It's a 3x6 card, but is perfect for the way this image is set up. And I finally used my liquid applique for the clouds - perfect finishing touch! I stamped Riley twice and popped him up to give it more emphasis! LOVE IT! The picture isn't the best but I already gave it away so I can't take another.

Oh - and I love the inkadinkadoo stamps with the kids' quotes. This is the only one I've found out there in local stores!

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's NOT Friday yet?

OK - so I'm only a few hours away from it all, but this has been one of those weeks that make a margarita sound like heaven. I'm getting ready for the Grey's Anatomy finale - and I'm really hoping to not be disappointed with this episode. I need an escape - I feel like I"m not doing anything right. I have a kid with two cavities (dentist said she was prone to it due to what happens in utero, but still...), my husband is mad that I spent the money on the sealants on her other 6 molars, my third who has tubes, needs new tubes as he still has his ear infection today and the tubes are gone (third ear infection with non-functioning tubes), and the "baby" needs tubes as he is on the fourth infection, and four weeks on antibiotics this last time. They won't get into our Ear doc until June 2 - do I try to do both surgeries the same morning??? I'm waiting to hear from the surgeon as to when I can have my "venous" surgery on both legs. I'm trying to keep positive with boot camp, but then the scale is stuck or something. AAGGHH!!! Margarita anyone?

Anyways, Hannah's last day of pre-K is tomorrow. They have a promotion ceremony at noon. I made her teachers a couple cards, with my ideas taken from Paper Crafts magazine. I really like them! The first two cards are the 3x6 size. The third is simple, but I loved the saying that I saw in the magazine.

I was bad and bought MORE copics at HL today. I played last night with a bunch of stamps and coloring - and all I can say is LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! And after playing with them, I know which colors I need better/different shades of, etc. I may start a "copic fund"!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My "baby" is 1!!!

Happy Birthday to my fourth "baby" Isaac - I can't believe he turned one today. In fact, in about 20 minutes, it will be his birth minute. Such a memory for us moms!

I'm posting a simple card that I made using a retired SU set - I think it's called Toy Box. I popped the baseball up to give it dimension - it's always easy to make girl birthday cards, but I need to get more boy ones considering my baseball team of sons! I'm sending this one to a friends son who is one of the nicest little boys I know - I know he won't really appreciate it, but it was made with lots of love!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Just another Monday

I had no idea it was supposed to get so hot out today - almost 95 was predicted. Not sure what it got to but it was hot! Counting down to bedtime so I can play some more, but here are my Riley cards. LOVE EM! I used my copics to color, and adding the beach and water really made a difference. I also added some diamond dust to the sand and water just to make that "shimmer." I also used the new SU glitter on the trees. I popped up Riley just to give him more prominence. And the paper - well, that's from some old stuff I bought a long time ago from Joanne's - I told you I'm trying to tear into my paper stash and just start using it! One of the verses is from Treehouse Stamps - the quite moments set. And the other was just a simple dollar one, I think! It's funny - you never have enough sayings - and I guess I wish Hanna stamps came out with some matching sayings for these stamps - the possibilities are endless!
Thanks for looking!
***Addendum - it was a record breaking 99 degrees today - and expected the rest of the week!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Sunday

I wasn't going to post but I was getting pictures off of my camera and realized how many things I have to show - and why not start now? The season finale of Desperate Housewives is in a little bit, and I'm sure to watch that and get to bed early for boot camp in the am. It's been a busy weekend. I made a ton of cards Friday night - with lots of ideas coming from Paper Crafts magazine. I've spent a lot of time playing with my copics as well - once I get the full hang of them, I think I am going to love them. I'm also the type that "needs" all the colors - since you never have it perfect. HA! Luckily Hobby Lobby doesn't have all of them - so I'll just pick up a few now and then. I am liking the sketch better than the ciao markers (both copics, different "style"). If anyone out there uses them, leave me a comment on any pointers you may have. I'm currently trying to figure out the best paper and ink pads to get for them (for no smearing, blurring, bleading and best blending). And also if you have any "must have" colors, let me know that too so i can add to my wish list.

Anyways - my first show and tell is just a simple card I made to show off some of that awesome paper we all have laying around not wanting to cut into. I vowed to myself that I was just going to dig into it, with no reservations (easier said than done!). I also used my Martha Stewart butterfly punch - it's very pretty!

Secondly, here is the baby blanket I made my friend. She was over yesterday (a beautiful baby girl!). It was a kit from Joanne's but the flannel makes it so soft!

And finally, here is a picture of my best first birthday party yet - Isaac dug into that cake as if it was a pot of gold. He was a mess, but he LOVED it - it made everyone laugh! His party was fun - we just had a bbq with close family and low key but a great afternoon.

Stay tuned - I made an awesome card with my hammock Riley, and my friend dropped off my My Favorite Things stamps and Bellas - can't wait to play!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

In a Jam

How many times do I feel "in a jam" these days??? Pretty much constantly...there's always something or someone to grab my attention! I just love this stamp for some reason - my friend Gretchen had found it somewhere in her travels for two dollars - it's a cute little image. I popped up the middle car which helped finish off this simple car. And I'm liking the vibrant orange colors!

This weekend we have my baby's first birthday party - I can't believe he's already one! He is such a sweet little man! We're just having over close family and friends for a'll be great as long as he gets food and cake!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Riley Fishing

Can I just say that I love these Riley stamps - they are so much fun. I just got my copics in the mail (I bought the basics in the earthtones just to find the perfect color for the Rileys). This is a simple card, but I like the colors, and the simplicity lends itself well to focusing on the Riley. I figured my parents are big fly fishers so this would be a good one for them - or any male for that matter. I can't wait to play with more of my new Rileys - the airplane, tractor, and hammock ones in fact! Check back soon!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gotta show you this!

OK - so I do have a couple cards to post from this past weekend. However, last night I finished a handbag and shoulder bag that I had bought the material/pattern for last summer. It is the most adorable thing ever, and I couldn't wait to show it. How fun would this be in different types of materials?! You could go fun and flirty. I also learned about fusible fleece - LOVE IT and it's perfect for bags! Instead of the normal interfacing, this gives the right amount of cushion and support especially for bags.

I had two teeth worked on this afternoon and I'm just now starting to feel my tongue and cheek again. The kids have been bouncing off the walls all's day 2 into this session of bootcamp so that's a good thing. And I've also managed to take the dogs for a 2.5 mile run each morning after returning from boot camp. Now...let's see if the scale starts moving down again!

Thanks for looking - I have a lot of stuff to share this week!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Last night I went to my friend's house to play. We were on a mission - and got a wall hanging cut out (can't wait to sew it!), and even made a few cards. I'll share those another day! I got lots of fun treats and it's so great to have a great friend who shares your hobbies. I didn't get home until 1:30am, but it was worth it!

Here's my Mother's Day card I made for my mom. She's into collecting elephants, so when I saw this set from The Angel Company, I had to buy it. I used the new Basic Grey papers, that just seemed perfect with the feel of the card. I hope she likes it!

I also recieved a lovely card in the mail from another stampin' friend. Thanks, Michelle - it was so thoughtful and gorgeous card! To all the moms out there - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! What a great day to honor wonderful women!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's only Thursday?!

I'm liking the whole "sketch" idea - it helps you to come up with your own ideas for using stamps/papers, but takes the guesswork on how to lay it out. I was searching blog-world and found this sketch on Jen Del Muro's blog (

I wish I had made more Mother's Days cards to send to friends, etc. But it seems to have snuck up on me! Here are two I made using the sketch linked above. I used the new Basic Grey Sultry paper that my friend Gretchen picked up for me (thanks ; ) Gretchen!). And my Martha Stewart floral scallop type punch. They are pretty!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rainy days and Wednesdays...

This morning Hannah had a Mother's Day presentation at school. It was very sweet - I'm a sentimental one so it always brings tears to my eyes. Why don't I remember my video camera on days like today?

I ran, sewed, and played with some stamps last night! What a good night! I'll share my Mother's Days cards in the next couple days.

First, just to let you know I'm back, I'll share the thank-you cards I made for Hannah's birthday party. Yes, it's been over a month - but with everything that has happened, and of course, I can't BUY any thank you cards, it is better late than never, right? I wanted them simple and somewhat the same theme (Young Chef's Academy). So, I used my trusted Cuttlebug and made a white on white, with the simple pink/purple accent. I like it - and Hannah did well at filling them all out! Another thing off my to-do list.

Check back tomorrow for the first set of Mother's Day cards!

Friday, May 2, 2008

QKD Designer of the Day

Yesterday, I was the Designer of the Day for Queen Kat Designs. Click on their info to the right and see more. It's crazy as I'm not sure how they heard of me, but fun nonetheless!

I am sharing a card that I cased from someone out there - part of me thinks that in some way, everything is cased. As I was making this card, my daughter said, "mommy, you didn't use this, or you didn't do that," so I realized that even when we try to copy, it's still our own! Anyways, it's a very pretty card IRL, lots of glitter! And of course, yellow is my favorite color so I love it!

Tomorrow is ballet recital day, as well as garage sale day. Maybe I'll make enough to pay for another boot camp!