Monday, January 28, 2008

This has been neat!

I'm thrilled to see people are actually looking what's out there in blog land - no wonder the hype! Thanks for looking at mine! It gives me motivation to create and update!

I wanted to get a couple cards and scrapbooking things up but I had stamp club this evening. We made adorable Valentine things that I'll post tomorrow!

Since I saw that I had a bunch of hits today, I thought I'd go ahead and show a picture of one of my favorite gifts - and some of you out there have some already! They are my hand made chenille potholders - thanks to my grandma for showing me how to make these! They are the best potholders EVER - and I love having to give them as gifts. These are great to have on hand - they take a lot of material but once you see them, you'd agree they are the best you've had! If you're interested in purchasing any of these - let me know! I can do general "colors" - dark, light, simple like that! I have a bunch ready to make that are in the darker, "country" colors!

And my other fun thing to make are the pillow cases, which can be done really in any way you want! These were just some fun rodeo and western materials I saw and thought they'd be fun!

Thanks for looking!

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