Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Let the season begin...

And I mean with everything - I was driving to pick up the kids from school yesterday and yes, there was a Christmas tree going up along the street. Yikes! Of course, the kids want ours up now, but I had to explain it's still a little early! And we've had a round of "bugs" at our house - I think there are four different ones going around. I hope we don't have a VIP parking place at the pediatrician's office again this year!

I'm anxiously awaiting all the new stamps I've ordered, but I played around with this one I picked up from Michael's. I love that classic Santa look, and wanted to play around with color schemes. The first one is black/red/white.
And this second one is chocolate chip and very vanilla with red. I want to tweak this one somewhat - I'm looking for a real soft "all over brown" look. Any ideas for changing this one are appreciated!
Thanks for looking!

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