Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's NOT Friday yet?

OK - so I'm only a few hours away from it all, but this has been one of those weeks that make a margarita sound like heaven. I'm getting ready for the Grey's Anatomy finale - and I'm really hoping to not be disappointed with this episode. I need an escape - I feel like I"m not doing anything right. I have a kid with two cavities (dentist said she was prone to it due to what happens in utero, but still...), my husband is mad that I spent the money on the sealants on her other 6 molars, my third who has tubes, needs new tubes as he still has his ear infection today and the tubes are gone (third ear infection with non-functioning tubes), and the "baby" needs tubes as he is on the fourth infection, and four weeks on antibiotics this last time. They won't get into our Ear doc until June 2 - do I try to do both surgeries the same morning??? I'm waiting to hear from the surgeon as to when I can have my "venous" surgery on both legs. I'm trying to keep positive with boot camp, but then the scale is stuck or something. AAGGHH!!! Margarita anyone?

Anyways, Hannah's last day of pre-K is tomorrow. They have a promotion ceremony at noon. I made her teachers a couple cards, with my ideas taken from Paper Crafts magazine. I really like them! The first two cards are the 3x6 size. The third is simple, but I loved the saying that I saw in the magazine.

I was bad and bought MORE copics at HL today. I played last night with a bunch of stamps and coloring - and all I can say is LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! And after playing with them, I know which colors I need better/different shades of, etc. I may start a "copic fund"!

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