Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday and yes, I'm still here

I feel like it's been forever since I've posted. It seems like each day gets crazier and crazier. I'm just on that bubble between wanting to explode, and having a meltdown. AGH! I feel like a bad mom always yelling at the kids but I SWEAR they do not hear me. I can tell them nicely to do something and it's as if I really don't exist. I remember a commercial where it was showing the mom going around fixing all the wrongs in the house (the kids too close to the tv, laundry, dishes, etc.) - but there was no actual image of the mom. That's what it really feels like! I'm just so tired of it all - and then I got a letter from our health insurance saying the surgery that I need isn't covered - which just dashed my hopes of getting rid of my chronic pain and swelling in my legs. I know, POOR ME! But I just need to vent!

I have been creating - my husband has commissioned me to make a Notre Dame themed baby quilt and scrapbook. I started the quilt - loved the materials I found. And I'll need to order the scrapbook supplies soon!

Anyways, onto the real reason I'm posting - as you know I'm LOVE LOVE LOVING my Copics, and have enjoyed learning how to color them. This is a Riley card which I love this image. It's a 3x6 card, but is perfect for the way this image is set up. And I finally used my liquid applique for the clouds - perfect finishing touch! I stamped Riley twice and popped him up to give it more emphasis! LOVE IT! The picture isn't the best but I already gave it away so I can't take another.

Oh - and I love the inkadinkadoo stamps with the kids' quotes. This is the only one I've found out there in local stores!

Thanks for looking!

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