Thursday, July 10, 2008

I need some yellow

One of my favorite colors is yellow - maybe because it is a "happy" color to me. My heart has been aching the past couple days. Two college friends lost both of their children (ages 1 and 3) in one of those horrible swimming pool drowning accidents. I just simply can't imagine losing my children - it's not the natural order of things. And the guilt and blame they are facing is heart breaking. It makes you realize how precious each moment is - be sure to give that person you love an extra hug. And if you can, throw some prayers up for this family. I worry about their own faith, their own marriage, their ability to move on, after a tragedy like this, and all I can think is that if God is going to give them something like this, He's also going to give them the faith and strength to turn to Him. And this may be in the form of our prayers for them.
I have been sewing a lot lately, so I have an older card to share with you. I'm sure I probably cased a bunch of different ideas, so thank you to whoever! I love the yellow/purple color combo.

Make sure to give your kiddos an extra tight hug tonight!

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