Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some more quilts

I know - I'm showing a lot of my sewing stuff! But that's what I've gotten done lately! I'm itching to get back to cards and scrapbooking so maybe as I settle into our new routine I'll get my crafty schedule back on track.

Anyways - here are two of the Dick & Jane quilts I finished up. I love the backing - it's the actual dick & jane it! I tied the quilts and they turned out wonderfully. Oh - and I'm done basting my quilts - I've done a handful of them "on the hoop," and am even doing a large quilt 'hand-quilted' with this same method - looks tons better than any basting job already!

And as promised, a couple pictures from Joseph's first day of preschool. He LOVES it - as I knew he would. He is such a personable, free spirit with a beautiful personality. And if you know Joseph - you know he loves to make faces for the camera. Now if this picture doesn't make you smile....

And here's on of him making all his new friends - he loves to talk about his friends, and he looks like he's taking center stage here.

thanks for looking!

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