Monday, September 8, 2008

And last but not least

OK - so I'm STILL getting back into the swing of things and getting back to my blog. I thought my schedule would lighten a little, but it seems busier than ever. And do you notice how every day they're asking for money for something or other? As if the tuition and other "fees" aren't enough!

Anyways - I have gotten a few fun cards made but I'll show them later this week! I figured I'd finish up with my sewing "show and tells" with my bigger "posie" quilt. All the flowers are appliqued - my first big applique project! Thanks for talking me into this one Gretchen! I tied the quilt, and it looks awesome! It's going to an auction in October so if you're dying for this quilt, let me know now! The second quilt is one I made my parents for Christmas. I love the colors, and the piano key border. I made them promise they'd use it on their bed - but of course, it isn't being used, but rather displayed! I guess I must admit that I would probably do the same!
Anyways, check back and I'll get back to trying to post almost daily! And next time - as promised...some cards finally!!!

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