Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm working, I swear!

It's a horribly busy week - and I swear I'm doing "stuff." I had to finish up a second Notre Dame quilt, and last night I finished making some cards to give Hannah's teacher as a gift. I ended up making about 8 sets of these, thinking they'd be great to have on hand, either to sell or to give as gifts. I know this is sold as a class out there in Stampin Up world, so yes, these are totally cased from whoever set that up to begin with. But I thought I'd better prove that I am working!
I'm working on some Halloween school treats now, needing to get Joseph's done by Monday and Hannah's later. Plus we have a few birthday parties this weekend (including Joseph's!), so I need to make some birthday cards and an apron! So...there's more to come...whenever I'm able to get through it all!

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