Friday, April 25, 2008

Not enough hours in the day!

Do you ever feel like that? There's so much that I want to get to but it seems like before I know it the day is done! This morning was the last day of bootcamp - for this session. I was a little disappointed in my results but I have to take into account that I was gone for a week and did little exercise and did not eat well! The next camp starts in two weeks - I can't wait! I have a ton of new stuff to sew, and of course, plenty of scrapbooking and stamps to play with.

Here's a card I made for a friend in need of a bridal shower card. It's been in my head for awhile, and I just love the elegance of it! She loved it and hopefully the recipient will too.

Tonight I have to make about 20 "pregnancy" cards for a baby shower I'm hosting this weekend - it's a charity shower (donations to a pro-life ministry that puts together pampering baskets for expectant moms), and I'll have each guest write out one or two cards. We'll have a foot spa party - maybe we can call it Sangria and Sandals! I am making Sangria punch!

I'll post the cards I come up with for this - I am going to use the same "She's All That" set!

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Anonymous said...

You are so talented...and so diciplined!!! Taking care of four kids is enough to need more time in the day. Plus all these wonderful 5:30 BOOTCAMP!!!