Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Once again, I feel like there is a hidden camera around me somewhere - I won't get into the details but I'm realizing that maybe four kids is just meant to be like this. It's fun!

I'm undecided about how I like the headless wonders from My Favorite Things. At first I didn't like them a whole lot, but when I've seen examples, I've loved them! I borrowed this set from my friend Gretchen and also cased her layout. I used the afternoon tea paper - LOVE LOVE LOVE it and the 5x5 sized card. (Check out Gretchen's blog - and tell her I sent you!) I have a few of these sets now in my shopping cart - if only money grew on trees!

I'm working on some fun onesies for a friend's online store. They are adorable and I will post those later this week!

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