Friday, September 26, 2008

A Bella Friday

I made these cards a couple weeks ago for a bella challenge on Jen Del Muro's blog ( I didn't quite get it to look like what I imagined in my head, but I love Bellas! I went to their site today and there are some that I must have ( If only money grew on trees...and lately I feel like I just need some more time - so many projects, so little time. I did finally use some of the in colors from Stampin Up on these cards as well. It was fun - and love love love this image!

My hubby is gone until Sunday - his tough life has led him to Notre Dame for a football game. When we lived there, I couldn't wait to get away - granted, he went to school (a beautiful school)...and I had to work in South the experience was different. But I would lOVE to be there now. Sometimes I get resentful that he can go off and have fun without "worrying about the kids" while I stay at home with them. I wouldn't change it for the world, but I'd like to go - or I'd like to lock myself in my craft room for four days by myself!!! Oh well - yet another difference between man and woman.

Have a great weekend!

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