Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Weekend's Over...

It's Sunday night (granted, still some hours left to created), and I have to say it's been pretty productive. I've gotten a lot of new goodies to play with so I'm excited to get to those tonight.

But first I thought I'd show you the two new tote bags I made with some beautiful material! My "aunt-in-law" had asked me to make her a tote, so the first one is being sent to her in the morning. It's using the Posh by Chez Moi material by Moda. Love it!!!

The second one is also some beautiful material, and is up for grabs if anyone wants one! The material is Shangri La by Moda as well. I keep forgetting that Christmas is around the corner so keep that in mind too! This is one of my favorite bags. It's great for toting just about anything (I have mine in the car with my "carpool" project. I'm sewing on a halloween table runner while waiting in the carpool lane!).

I'll have lots to show this week!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm Kimberly's "Aunt-in-law" and I received my bag this morning (it's the first one pictured). This bag is very cute and extremely well-made. It has decorative stitching around each patch and is generously trimmed with pretty buttons. The inside pockets are roomy and of a coordinating color. No messy surprises! Get Kimberly to make one for you! LOVE IT!