Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The things I've said...

In the past few days, I have to chuckle at what has come out of my mouth...

"don't run with those scissors"
"quick choking your baby brother"
"stop or you'll break your neck"
"don't poke your fork in your eye"

and the list could go on...ahhhh the life with boys. Another funny story - Joseph has been loving school. The last two pictures he brought home (there is always a bible verse, and then a picture he has drawn along with what he told the teacher it was)...well, his pictures have been sort of disturbing to say the least. Yesterday it was a picture of a dead man...I was upset thinking I'd somehow ruined my son with something I had done. I was used to hannah who drew rainbows and butterflies. Long story short, I emailed the teacher and come to find out, the sheets are for after a story to see what the children retain. These are stories from the Bible, and yesterdays story was the story of Moses. I guess the girls drew pictures of Moses as a baby, and the boys tended to draw the "dead man" if he was caught. SOOOOO - this time it wasn't my mothering skills, but the Bible! Whew - I feel better : )

Hannah had a sleepover at a friends house this past weekend. I saw these paper backpacks online and just had to try them. We decided to make them for the girls at the sleepover and put candy necklaces/bracelets inside. They are the cutest things I've seen in a long time. LOVE EM! Here's where I saw them and got the directions as to how to make them...http://www.stamphappens.com/stamp_happens/2008/08/mini-backpack-r.html

Thanks for looking!

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Niki Estes said...

I love that pack! Too cute!