Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Do you ever wonder if sometimes God slows you down for a reason - no matter how painful. Yesterday I was juggling twelve balls at once, went to get my one year old before he climbed any higher, and I stubbed my toe on the wall. We've all done it - wanted to cuss - and felt like an idiot. Well, after a few minutes, I realized it wasn't quite right - sure enough - I broke my little toe. I made the mistake of telling Hannah that I felt like it was going to fall off...she's worried about that and keeps asking me if it's still there. Yes - it's purple, blue, and black and three times the size it's supposed to be. I don't think it'll fall off but I'm going to try and slow down some!

I'm sharing a couple cards I made using my Verve Visual stars set - somewhat cased from their gallery, and somewhat my own spin on them. On the first card, I used really rust and brown...figured I could use it for boy or girl. I popped up a few of the stars which really gave it a great "lift."

The second I use one star and the big eyelets from SU! I had to have those and this is the first time I've opened them up!

I've got some fun ones to share tomorrow so stay tuned!

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