Saturday, March 1, 2008

Scrapbooking again!

So a friend came over last night and we scrapbooked together - it's been so long since I've sat down to do that and boy do I miss it! It was fun! I ended up completing two entire scrapbooks - a 12x12 and a 7x7. The 12x12 album is green, and I used the Everday Power Pallette on it. See my Creative Memories website for more on the products. It's hard to get the full beauty in the picture, but the colors are bold and bright - red, yellow, blue, purple, green, orange. LOVE IT! I'll share a few pages to give you an idea.

The 7x7 album is a great gift size album (I like making special occasions books, or gifts for grandparents, etc). I used the Vintage Power Pallette on this one and it's beautifully elegant IRL.

Now for those who are afraid to scrapbook, or don't think they're creative, or don't know where to start - here's a few breakdowns for you. The 12x12 album, for all the products used including the album, pages, protectors, and everything inside, prices out to around 137$. What a deal and you get a great end result. Another bonus is that it comes with an idea book so it tells you what to use where! The 7x7 book priced out to be 58$. Once again, that includes everything - as well as a beautiful treasure to store your memories!

Yes, I LOVE LOVE LOVE scrapbooking and think everyone should do it - what better way to record your life, your memories, your stories!

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