Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm getting there!

It seems like I haven't gotten my "me" time the last few nights - probably because I haven't! Anyways, I had a visit from two lovely twin girls, their mommy, and big sister on Sunday night. How precious! I'm still working on the 70 announcements, but I was surprised with the following "gift basket" from Nicol as a thank you. Geez - I don't think I could use a thing in that! There are buttons, brad, eyelets, ribbon, paper, stamps, albums, and much more galore! I can't wait to play and what an unexpected thank you! You really shouldn't have - but I LOVE it!

I'm also finishing a new "batch" of chenille potholders tonight (see previous post for a picture). I think I'll have close to 20 so let me know if you want some! These are awesome - for yourself, and for gifts! LOVE EM!

So little time to get to all the things I'd like...

More tomorrow!

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