Friday, February 15, 2008

TGIF and aprons!

I'm not sure why I'm glad it's Friday...maybe I think I can get more done on the weekend, although that's not likely! It's supposed to get cold and rainy here this weekend - and I wonder why my kids have depleted my budget with doctor copays this winter! Gotta love Texas weather!

I finished a couple aprons last night - this is the adult version. I'm giving one away as a birthday gift, but the black and white one is for sale! I just love these aprons! I added a couple buttons right where the ties are - just to give some added stability. I liked the idea, and it seems to work great.

I do love to sew! It's always fun to find friends who share the same passion. When I was first learning, I thought it was somewhat and "old" hobby - and that it was dying out with our older generations. But I've met many great friends who sew too! My friend Tricia lives in Boerne, Texas and is really great at nap mats, rag quilts, etc. She has an online store and blog too - check her out, and tell her I sent you -
I'm hoping to get some more stuff done tonight!

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