Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday madness

I'm still searching for that hidden camera - I'm trying to convince myself this is all "cabin fever" but my goodness! I won't even go into the stories but my kids have stepped it up a notch and could win awards for their bravery, attitude, and all around congeniality. AAAGGHHH! I thought I'd post a picture of Joseph - the one who thought the toilet made a good "splash puddle." The t-shirt would be as cute as you're thinking if only it weren't so darn true!

Also, I thought I'd show you a couple of Dick and Jane quilts I made. The quilts are crib size. I made the blue one to be more boyish - I love them both! These materials are adorable (remember them from when you were a kid?)...I've made a couple aprons and these quilts, and have some other ideas in mind.

Thanks for looking - my friend Gretchen isn't able to come over tonight (which makes me sad) but I'm hoping to get some new cards made tonight!). TFL!!!

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