Monday, February 18, 2008

Is this a full moon Monday

Today started out as one of those days that I really thought someone was playing a joke, or had a hidden camera somewhere. There were muddy puppy prints throughout my house, kids fighting, my eldest son thinking the toilet made a great "puddle" so he was inside the toilet jumping (who thinks of that?!), crying, bickering, tattling, "mom my ear hurts," "mom my tummy hurts," trips to the doctor, etc. etc. I could use a stiff drink about now!

I felt guilty not posting today so I thought I'd share an oldy but goody. I LOVE the "Priceless" set from Stampin Up - I cased it from somewhere out there (maybe my good friend Paula?!). The paper is some glittery stuff I found in a paperpack from Joanne's - and the double stitched ribbon in wild wasabi, and the new jewel brads. LOVE IT!

I thought I should share a couple pictures of the quilts I made for my dear friend who had twins recently. It's an adorable pattern - with the prairie points as the "border" - love it! I did two quilts - one with the green border and one with a yellow border. I ended up tying them so they'd be softer! I hope they liked them!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day! It has to be!

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