Monday, June 2, 2008

Manic Monday

What a day! But the kids are in their rooms (no - not asleep but at least one step closer). I finished up a gift that I'm giving Hannah's ballet teacher tomorrow. Thanks to my friend Gretchen, we came up with a really fun and memorable gift. I altered the frame by adding ribbon, flowers, and dew drops. I used the en pointe set from Stampin Up - such a beautiful ballet set. And of course the class photo in the bottom right. I had a hard time getting a good picture of this, but it is so elegant in real life. And like I say a lot - I'd love it as a gift!!!
I'm starting a 21 day detox tomorrow. I'll still be eating but trying to rid those toxins, and get myself eating like I should. I need something to kick the weight loss into high gear, and make myself get out of this funk and feel better. We met with the ENT surgeon and my third, Jacob, will have his tubes redone, and his adenoids possibly removed. The baby will have tubes as well - his ears are still horrible - and he is acting like he's in pain. Poor guy! When they checked his hearing, he didn't hear a thing out of the right so the fluid must be bad!

Here's a couple pictures from a benefit my husband and I went to a few weeks ago - it was at Gilly's for Dallas Heritage Village. His firm sponsored the event so we got to hang out with Mark Chestnut. In a way, I feel bad for those guys - they have to take pictures with all these strangers...and for why? And I couldn't really say "oh yeah, I remember my mom listening to your music when I was little." But he seemed like a humble, nice guy and it was a fun night.

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